At Sport Clips, You're an All-Star

Get an all-star haircut at Sport Clips.

Nothing hits a home run just like our Triple Play experience. After you get a precision haircut, enjoy our legendary hot steamed towel treatment and a refreshing shampoo massage. You can even come in without an appointment and we'll make sure you get the best quality haircut possible.

A Cut Above

You might not be used to the styling chair, but a man has to look his best. When you want the coolest haircut in Las Vegas, ask our Guy-Smart Stylists. With each visit, we give you a complimentary consultation so you know exactly what we're giving you. Hairstyles and shaves for men is where we excel, so you can always expect an all-star look.

Famous Hot Towel Wrap

The MVP Experience comes with our legendary steamed towel treatment. Our warm towels soften your beard hairs, so whether you need a little clipping or complete shave, it'll be comfortable. It's okay, baby your beard.

Massaging Shampoo

Our Guy-Smart Stylists will then apply tea tree shampoo and leave-in conditioner, letting you say goodbye to dandruff. Tea tree oil is great for your scalp, minimizes dandruff and helps hair growth. This is all included in our no-frills, salon-quality Triple Play treatment at Sport Clips Haircuts, located in the Whole Foods Market Place in Las Vegas.