New Men's Hairstyles in Las Vegas, NV

Sport Clips Haircuts of Las Vegas - Whole Foods Market Place​ stylist hair cut

Getting the ideal men's haircut can require doing some investigation, whether you find what you want on the internet or chat with your Guy-Smart Stylist. When you're deciding on a hairstyle, you've gotta take a couple things into consideration. Are you looking for a 'do that's low maintenance or are you good with spending some time to get your style just right? There are a bunch of trendy haircuts for men out right now, and there's definitely one that matches your sense of style and hair routine. We can make it happen while you check out the game. Is there a better way to spend an hour?

Cuts for Every Style

New men's hairstyles are popping up on a regular basis in all lengths. Check out the perfect one for you below:

  • Short Hairstyles - From comb-over pompadours to a caeser cut, there are more choices than ever for men's short haircuts. The stylists at Sport Clips can give you a precision style and help you figure out excellent hair care products for your new haircut.
  • Medium Hairstyles - Medium length guy's haircuts are returning (though hockey stars have been rocking them for years). If you have got curly or textured hair, check out what your stylist can do to enhance your hair's natural look.
  • Long Hairstyles - Do it, embrace the man bun. There's an awesome haircut out there if you're ready to keep your hair long. Talk to your Guy-Smart Stylist to get the most from your long hair. Have facial hair also? No worries, we can take care of it.

We're Your Walk-in Haircut Salon for Men

The second-best thing about Sport Clips (the first is obviously the sports) is that you can walk right in and visit your Guy-Smart Stylist, no scheduling required. So when inspiration strikes, walk into Sport Clips of Las Vegas - Whole Foods Marketplace to get the men's cut you want.